Improved Solution – ISK 450.000


In this category the objective is to add to or improve an existing solution, with a clear connection to the data sets available on the Datathon website, as well as submitting a code for the solution. The teams have to utilize at least one of the open data sets, but incorporating multiple data sets can increase the odds of winning. 


Direct connection to the data sets available

Code submitted

Improvement of / add-on to an existing solution


More than one of the data sets available is used in the solution

Panel of judges

  • Hlynur Hallgrímsson, Senior Data Scientist, City of Reykjavík
  • Magnús Þór Torfason, School of Social Sciences, University of Iceland
  • Auður Önnu Magnúsdóttir, Icelandic Environment Association

The team that wins the challenge will be awarded ISK 450.000.

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