Innovation for employment


Where do new jobs come from? 

What will arise from the crisis? 

The impact of the economy on the economy is unparalleled, highlighting old and new economic problems at a time. However, each challenge presents an opportunity. Thus, new companies and the entire industry can emerge from a crisis. Competitors in the business sector are given the task of finding new opportunities in the business sector by chopping down rooted industries or creating truly new ones? Do we need to rethink tourism, are opportunities to accelerate digitization in society, can we use energy in a different and better way? How do the value chains need to change after the effects of the virus have gone down? What is the next big opportunity for the Icelandic economy? 

Jury Criteria: 

Quality of the idea:
Does the solution have a basis for demand for Iceland?
Is the solution original?
Is the solution too understated or far-reaching? 

Realistic idea:
Is it possible to launch the solution in the next few years?
Is the idea politically sensitive? 

Cost :
Is clearly set out what the idea will cost?
Is it clear who will pay?
Is a financial plan realistic?
Are external factors such as inflation, economic growth, fiscal policy, exchange rate, etc. taken into account? 

Presentation :
Is a clear presentation of the presentation?
Is the concept presented in an easy-to-understand way?
Speakers speak bluntly and clearly? 

Sponsor Challenge: 

Iceland Chamber of Commerce 

The prize amount is ISK 500,000. 


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