Social and Welfare Innovation


Creative solutions to combat social isolation  

In these unprecedented times, there has been an increased risk of social isolation. There, certain social groups, such as senior citizens, the disabled and the disabled, are at particular risk. Prolonged isolation can affect people’s health and, among other things, make people more susceptible to infectious diseases *. It is therefore important to pay special attention to the social well-being of these groups and to prevent them from being isolated in their homes. Various new features and existing services have been enhanced, for example through screen visits and outgoing calls, but we want to do even better. 

* Julianne Holt Lunstad and Timothy Smith (2010). 

Social challenges include:  

How do we enhance and strengthen meaningful social communication and relationships with the help of digital solutions, for example? 

How do we engage in socially isolated people for communication? 

How do we creatively promote social health and prevention? 

How do we enhance quality of life and safety with innovation? 

Sponsors of the Challenge:   

City of Reykjavik, The Association of Icelandic Local Authorities and the Ministry of Social Affairs. 

The jury’s assumptions:  

How urgent is the problem being solved – what is the need for this solution? It is recommended to focus on specific problems and target groups, as well as using research quotes, policies and reliable sources of support for the project. 

An idea of ​​an idea. It is recommended to set up, for example, a graph or graphical comparison that clearly shows how the new solution stands out compared to the current solutions. 

Team interdisciplinarity.  A diverse and appropriate background for team members, passion and time to carry out the project wholeheartedly in the future. Stakeholders who are knowledgeable about the issue are expected to be drawn to the table, such as senior citizens, civil servants and relevant organizations. 

Is the solution feasible and realistic to implement given the current timing and circumstances in this country? What is the financial need? It is recommended to install a simple version of Business Model Canvas ( to demonstrate the feasibility of the solution. 

The winning amount is ISK 500,000.  

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